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@Mike: There is no reason to stay away from pulp gaming. 

: Personally I’d never played .45 Adventure. So, I am not aware of their mechanics. But my fantasy campaign is in an early stage. I have done some research for stuff like scenery, concepts for NPCs and random encounters, game mechanics for certain scenarios  and all that stuff. For example, while watching a movie, I came up with the idea of a “light/darkness dynamic”, where certain groups or characters gain advantages/disadvantages while operating in the light or in the shadows. I also came up with the idea to include “sidequests”, so that the league could gain 1 or 2 extra plot points in certain games.  But of course serious playtesting will be needed in regard of balancing the whole thing.

@Don Glewwe: I totally agree.  I guess there is no setting, which can’t be played with pulp alley.