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Iain Fuller

Just finishing off Napoleonic Frankfurt Regt (18mm Blue Moon), and then starting on either Nassau Jager zu Pferde or my second Nassau unit. I’ve kept the amount of unpainted stuff to a minimum only buying the next couple of units once the current one is underway to try and stay disciplined.

I only got back into the hobby a year or so ago and have been putting off painting for ages as I hadn’t done any since about 1985. I did get some 10mm initially which I tried painting but I got frustrated as I couldn’t do it (I used to do 6mm in the old days). After buying some reading glasses and switching to the 18mm’s I’ve actually enjoyed it, I’ve got meself a desk so should really crack on at a better rate now that I’m not trying to compete for space on our big table (my missus is an artist so she gets first dibs on it).

Oh yeah, it has got some recent football trophies on it too – heretical I know but there’s nowhere else for them to go and as I’ve just been benched for good due to my health problem I can’t seem to put them in a box quite yet. (Sad innit).