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Not Connard Sage

I am inclined currently to have ACW in the ACW board, Napoleonics in the Napoleonics board, 18th Century in the 18th Century board and everything else in this board; the General Horse and Musket. The ACW and Napoleonics are very popular and well known ‘wars/periods’ call it what you will. They are BIG hitters in the Horse and Musket period and in my opinion warrant their own boards. A 19th Century board could have Napoleonics and the ACW in it, but we already have boards for them, so it could create confusion as to where to post such topics. So, for now, unless I change my mind we stay with what we have. Old West and Zulus and other things go in here, but use those TAGS if you want people to be able to zoom in on your stuff.




Now how do I give you my money? 🙂

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