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I was meant to be playing the first game last Monday, but my friend couldn’t come around, so we postponed until tonight, and he couldn’t make it again. We are now hoping to start the campaign on Friday night.


Here is a photo of the set up for the first game:


The British (95th Rifles to be exact) have the choice of setting up in either area A or B.

The French will be on the table as blinds in 1, 2 and the (3) area that the British didn’t set up in. There may be more than one French force on the table.


I knocked together a building out of card just so that I would have a building to put on the table whilst waiting for some MDF buildings to show up. I have made everything with the exception of the stone walls.

What I don’t have is any roads to put between the hedges

The area is 60cm x 60cm square. As this is a single (well maybe) unit vs single unit game, i wanted a smaller playing area to force the engagement so as to get a result.

games with more units will be played in a 90cm x 90cm area.