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I could kinda sorta see the appeal of Twitter if it was being used more by miniatures gamers. I enjoy the sense of “flow” in the hobby community, in the sense that there’s always something new to see and be inspired by. New battle reports, new project updates, new “fresh off the workbench” paintjobs, and so on. To that end Twitter could, maybe, have been a useful tool if it had gained greater acceptance in the community, purely as a functionalistic, no-nonsense stream of updates funneled from all over the hobby collective. But it hasn’t, so I’m indifferent to it (unlike Facebook which I explicitly dislike due to its growth strategy which basically amounts to “join us or we’ll make you become left out of society”).

I’m quite indifferent to Twitter outside of the hobby as well – too much noise, not enough signal. But at least I can still read Twitter and thus passively participate in the community it serves without having to be a registered user, which is way more than Facebook will let me do.