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How many troops are in a unit, and how many units per side in a typical fight?

Infantry units are 12 soldiers, 1 officer and 1 musician (14 in total), Cavalry is 6 troopers, 1 officer and 1 musician (8 in total) and one gun and grew equals…. one gun and crew.

I am actually playing with two ‘unit scales’ rather like you are doing with the WW2 Pacific game.

For a true FiveCore skirmish, I am playing with one unit per side, with the activation as per the rules – 3 figures per activation. We have played with two units per side, with each unit being able to activate three figures per turn as per the rules.

If I am using multiple units on the table, then I am intending to have 7 to 10 units per side (that includes inf, cav and guns), and each unit is activated as a whole for the turn… thus I can activate three units on one side per turn.

At the moment I don’t have all the units I need, so it will be a skirmish level game for a while.