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Jemima Fawr

Cheers Iain, great stuff!

I should perhaps have added that you’ll need to have a copy of the original Battlefront: WWII rules to use the Cold War Supplementary rules, so sorry about that!

The unit data cards (original and best – accept no cheap imitations from certain New Zealand companies…) can be downloaded from here: http://www.fireandfury.com/extra/pdfrtns/selectforpdf.php

Select a card list by keeping the Ctrl key pressed and selecting the cards you want.  Once you’ve selected your list it’ll then create a pdf of your cards for you to print off, with nine cards per page.

There are some inconsistencies – mainly caused by several different people providing the poor, overworked webmaster with ideas for cards.  However, I’m in the process of reviewing and amending them and am now almost done.  Please let me know if you spot any mistakes or baffling stats – mistakes always creep in!

Most of the Cold War cards are prefixed with ‘CW’, though there are a few others such as ‘ARG’ (1982 Argentine), ‘SADF’ (1970s/80s South African Defence Force), ‘FA’ (1970s/80s FAPLA – Angolan government), ‘UT’ (1970s/80s UNITA – Angolan rebels), ‘AR’ (Arab armies), ‘IDF’ (Israeli Defence Force) and various sides of the Vietnam War, prefixed with ‘VN’.  I’ve kept the ARG cards up to speed with the main Cold War cards, but still have to review the SADF, VN, FA and UT cards to bring them into line.  With thousands of cards to look at, it’s a massive job!

We also need lots of photos for the cards and to illustrate the orbats.  We also prefer photos of nicely-painted models to photos of the actual things, so if you see a card that lacks a photo, or one that would look better with your models on it, please post the photo up here and I’ll cut and paste it into the card (credited to you).

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