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Guy Farrish


Is the honest answer. I started in the early 70s and as I moved around with work I put the current set of figures in large boxes into storage and moved on each time. About 15 years ago I settled into one place (or so I thought) and recovered most of the boxes in store! Yikes! One more move 9 years ago meant I started going through the things in the loft/attic – still going! I sold a shed load of 25mm Napoleonics, 16th century, Ancients, 7YW, Medieval and tried recording the others as I found them/identified them. Plus the new acquisitions. I have the list but I still keep finding unremembered purchases squirreled away.

My collection started pre-computer era, so that is my excuse for my failure. I did start a database in the mid 90s but technology moved on and I can’t remember where the floppy disk it is on is, even if I could find a compatible system to read it. The thought of sitting down and putting them all on a database now makes me shudder. I’d rather be playing/painting/reading/writing.

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