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Hi, I would strongly recommend that you take a look at the Battlegroup rules. I too am an ex FOW player, Battlegroup Kursk for me gives a real period flavour, it actually feels right for the Eastern front, and not only is it more detailed and “realistic”* but its a great book too. *Obviously no game is truly realistic but it at least makes alot of sense, Im a soldier myself and alot of what goes on in the game I can relate to…. In a nutshell, top game and great support over on the Guild forums. Steve

Seconded. Ex TA soldier myself, including attendance at the School of Infantry’s Platoon Commander’s Division course, before I saw the light and joined the Royal Navy, where I had much involvement in Naval Gunfire Support, or Naval Fires as its now called. And for my money the BattleGroup series of rules models this very well – it may seem cumbersome the way its written in the rules, but it translates very well onto the table once you’ve got the drill off pat.

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