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Rod Robertson

The WWII USMC stuff is for you, but these guys, these guys are for Rod.  I’m going to be using them for so many clandestine, extra-judicial raids it’s gonna make his eyes roll back in his head!


As long as the clandestine, extrajudicial killings are confined to lead figures on wargames tables, I’m cool with that!

Your contractors look really good. I especially like your flocking. I fear you are leaving me behind in your industrious painting and flocking campaign. Well perhaps I can get myself out of this do-nothing funk which I’ve been in for half a year and get back to painting on an industrial scale. I’ve been working on seven Taliban motorcycles and three technicals for three weeks and just don’t have the hutzpah to finish them up. Well done, you’re a better man than I in matters gaming! I have a couple of packs of the contractors myself, along with some Pesherga fighters which I will get to one day when I finish the Taliban, Arab Resistance fighters, Somalis, US Army, Germans, Russians, Brits and FFL! One day!

Cheers and good gaming.

Rod Robertson.