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Rod Robertson

Regarding MG’s and maneuver, not even close!  6′ x 4′ in 15mm is still only 244 yds x 163 yds; MGs and mortars are engaging at 700-900 yards.


What ground scale are you using? For 15mm I use 1cm = 2m or in imperial 1 in. = 5m (16.25 ft). At this ground scale on a 6′ X 4′ table that’s 360m X 240m or 450 yds. X 300 yds. Are you using 1.5 cm = 2 yds.? Given the limitations of visibility imposed by terrain usually that area of 360m X 240m is just about right for MG’s and light mortars like the British 2″ mortar or the Japanese knee mortar. I’ll admit that the US 60mm mortar operated out to longer ranges but what range did most light mortar engagements occur at? While MG’s could fire indirectly at greater ranges, terrain and vegetation constraints would often limit direct engagement ranges to less than 300-500m. I admit that I’m not overly familiar with the topography and vegetation of the Philippines or Guadalcanal but my impression is that most infantry combat took place at ranges of less than 300m. Am I incorrect in my appreciation of the ranges your Marines would be operating at?

The new mat looks great. What is it made of? What has the manufacturer done to the basic materials from which it was made? Is it painted, washed or stained? However it was made, it looks outstanding!

As to blogging, we each follow our own path and the interweb is not my dharma at this time. It’s not born out of selfishness but rather out of limited time and a profound lack of interest in learning the mechanics of blogging.

I’m going to read the second report now and will comment later when I have digested it. Thanks for posting these and sharing them with us.

Cheers and good gaming.

Rod Robertson.