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Rod Robertson


Yes, the eyesight is not what it used to be but that is not my point. The attraction of miniature wargaming to me is seeing and enjoying the painted minis in action. 3mm or there abouts is fine for naval or even some aerial wargames but to me it seems too small to appreciate an infantry soldier or a Universal Carrier. Thus, why bother painting them up and just use cardboard counters a la Squad Leader to play a game? I can’t quite remember what scale your Sci Fi mega-armour is but the minis seemed large enough to show some very good paint jobs by you and very attractive colour schemes. But at 3mm WWII or modern vehicles look bland even when painted with skill and their distorted proportions make them seem like poor caricatures of the real vehicles. It’s just my personal bias but I like to savour minis and to enjoy a visual feast while gaming. PS. I like the term cointers which you used there. Never thought of that name but it’s excellent for describing what 3mm minis look like to me. A good bon mot!

Cheers and good gaming.

Rod Robertson.