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Sorry. You folks are wrong and I can prove it.

Here are some photos of modern 3mm troops, rice (which is another thing 3mm gets compared to) and counters:

Now look, Games Workshop it aint. But I have been playing counter wargames for forty years: these aren’t counters and the experience you get playing a game isn’t the same as a paper wargame. Not by a long shot.

Now, OK, this scale is not a scale anyone would probably do exclusively. But the beauty of it is that you don’t have to. It’s really a “freebie” scale. You get 15 vehicles for less than five bucks. That force up there? Probably cost less than twenty five dollars, all told, and with plenty of castings left over. Plus, you can play really BIG games or your normal-sized games on a coffee table. And that is a major plus for gamers who don’t have much space.

Finally, because these figures are so small, so cheap and the lines are so complete, you can use 3mm to do whacky, one off projects.

Want to do the Chaco War? Eminently doable in 3mm for less than the price of a board wargame. Hey, how about dipping your toes in Napoleonics, like I wanted to do a few years back? Well, for less than a hundred dollars, you can  build two immense Austrian and French armies and do a big Black Powder game on a 3×4 table.

Look at this and tell me you aren’t taking the piss when you say 3mm is essentially the same thing as counter-based wargaming:

Better images of those last photos can be seen at my blog, here:



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