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Just Jack

So, I think 3mm works like a champ, and like Martin said, it’s great for those of us that have bad backs, allowing us to sit down and play, at which range the minis look great.  Here is what I aspire to:

Courtesy of “The Tinpot Revolutionary” blog.

Anyway, I wouldn’t say my toys are painted/based incorrectly; I think they look great.  I see it more an issue of personal preference, where I prefer the more muted look with basing/flock that matches my table, rather than bright, shiny tanks.  In either case, they can be made out just fine on the table, and, as Thad pointed out, are cheap and quick so you can get into lots of different periods/actions.

Oh, and I didn’t highlight these, I did what I said I did: I spray painted them a soft green, then put a wash on them and based them.  Looks great to me, and quick 😉

But the counters deal is silly, and if you can’t see these you probably shouldn’t be driving or allowed to use a butter knife 😉