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Just Jack

John – That really wasn’t me being all that cocky, just that Japanese soldier being really pissed at us!  And yeah, doing Horseshoe Ridge really reminded me of pics of Edson’s Ridge.

Shelldrake – With wounded coming back, the platoon has the Commander, Plt Sgt, MG team, mortar team, and two seven-man squads, plus the loaned out tank.  The Japanese aren’t really on the ridge (I hope, anyway) in strength, it’s just an outpost, while the bulk of their troops in south Luzon move northwest on Manila.

“I wonder what would have happened if you didn’t ‘tinker’ with the process in regards to the Japanese berserker.”
Hmmm, I’d like to think his luck would have run out very soon, but who knows.  I make no bones about cheating every now and again: one, I can’t get everyone killed, I’ve got a campaign narrative to move along (which is not to say that it’s set on a specific course, but it does have a general direction it has to go, and it doesn’t go anywhere if I don’t have anyone left), and two, it seemed right to me.  There were three Marines standing there that may have been surprised the first couple times it happened, but I figure they’d have leveled their rifles and remedied the situation, just as it happened.