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Steve Burt

One of the many interesting things about ‘Bag the Hun’ is that it models pilot performance more than aircraft.

Sure, it has all the stats for the different planes, and Me109s can outdive Spitfires, which in turn can out-turn the Me109s.

But it also allows better pilots, or formations with an altitude advantage, to move more than once, as well as randomising the order in which people get to move and fire (unless you manage to get on someone’s tail). There are also huge advantages to keeping formation and having  awing man to watch your back. I’ve heard people criticise this aspect of the rules, but to my mind it is what makes it interesting; it’s not just a guessing game with added physics, which many air combat games are, it’s a psychological thing which models the pilot’s state of mind. The chaos of air combat comes across, as does the importance of having buddies to look out for you, and the ‘hun in the sun’ is a very real menace.