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It’s difficult period to write rules for. The ever changing weapons means you can’t simply have a base rules set which covers all. Even Bruce Weigle’s (have I spelt that right?) excellent 1870, 1859 and 1866 rules have to be tweaked to cover it. If you’re looking for corps-level command, which I believe to be the optimum level or playing considering the mass scale of battle that took place, then the 1870 derivative rules are one the best around. At regimental level, the Baccus Commandant De Bataille is probably best for the scale. Otherwise, Fire and Fury variants would probably do the Job.

Scale wise, I’d stick with the smaller scales (2-15mm), as even just reading the pages on wikipedia show how big the scale is. I have no idea about 10’s and 15’s, but in 6mm Heroic’s and Ros have an adaptable Franco-Prussian and ACW Range, while Baccus has it’s own war-specific range.

Link to Bruce Weigle’s website 

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