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Thanks for posting. The next best thing after building terrain is reading about and seeing photos of other people building terrain.

An optional extra thing that can be done with scouring pads for modelling vegetation is to pull and tease out the fibers a bit before flocking, thus making it more scraggly and unevenly shaped, like a more rustic country hedge.

Also, I’ve recently been made wise to coconut fiber basket liners, which as a terrain modelling material is much the same as scouring pads in form and purposeĀ (YOUTUBE LINK), so now I’m going to try hunt down some of those. My favourite material for this kind of stuff is still rubberised horsehair (which I suppose might be extra, extra difficult to source for you in Australia given that it’s animal hair and might not be produced domestically), but I love experimenting with new terrain materials.

I keep hearing about hairspray used by modellers as a spray adhesive, but it always sounds weird to me. It really works as an adhesive? One that dries like glue? I’ve excluded all aerosols from my hobby pursuits due to living arrangements and local climate, but then hairspray can be used indoors so maybe I should give it some more thought.

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