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No understrengthed platoons. Honestly It was almost random. We had decided on CoC the day before and I though more people were showing up. One player had Americans, the other Germans and I figured I’d play my Germans too. The Americans attacking was based almost entirely on the fact that they would get more reinforcement points for toys as the attacker than as the defender. I’m not entirely sure if two attacking Germans with 8 points of extras against a single defending American with only 4 points would have been any better. My opinion is that to even it out the Americans should have been an elite force, which would have given them more activations and more importantly more extra phases. As it was twice I had two extra phases, which we have house ruled is the limit. Once I could have had a third extra phase! If we do another 2v1 I will either make the single platoon elite or maybe make one of the other platoons green and add another reinforcement die to the single player.