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I’ve used way too much purple in the past, especially old Citadel Liche Purple which is a fairly “rich” and saturated (if somewhat dark) shade. I’m still drawn to purple, but not the rich and saturated kind. I now like the expressly desaturated kind of purple that’s verging on grey, brown or both. In fact, it might be more accurate to say that I like shades of grey or grey-brown that have a hint of purple in them. I stocked up on several pots of Citadel Foundations Hormagaunt Purple after that went out of production, but now even that paint is starting to seem too saturated for me, so I like to mix even more grey into it.

I’ve also had a propensity for green, particularly forest greens and medium emerald greens, and most particularly on fantasy figures. There’s something comfortably archetypal about a forest green cloak or tunic, and when painting “feudal-type” fantasy heraldry I’m fond of including emerald green, especially in combination with white or yellow.