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Rod Robertson

These were divided into three battalions each with two light and one medium tank companies.

Martin R.:

I think that’s what I said but maybe I was unclear? The division had the two battalions of the 10th Pz Regt and the 67 Pz Btn for a total of three batallions, no?

On a side note, maybe you can clear up something for me. The Nafziger TOE’s describe the company command vehicles of the light companies as having two Pz III’s instead of Pz 38(t)’s. This is not what I remember. I thought it was two Pz 38(t)’s for Coy HQ tanks and not Pz III’s in the 7th and 8th Division light tank company headquarters and two Pz 35(t)’s in light tank company HQ’s in the 6th Pz Division. I also was under the impression that the light tank companies had either 17 or 22 light tanks plus 5 or sometimes 6 Pz I B’s or Pz II C/D’s as a fourth or fifth platoon? The 22+5 tank companies I associate with Pz 35(t) and Pz 38(t) armed companies and the 17+5 companies with the Pz III armed companies of all other divisions.

My apologies if my post above was unclear.

Edit: Well, I guffed that up above. The 67 Pz Btn was not added until January of 1941. And the 10th Pz Regt had three batallions, not two. So still three batallions but all were subunits of the 10th Pz Regiment until the 67th was added on Jan. 1, 1941. Then the Division had four batallions of tanks.

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Rod Robertson.