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My paint box includes many shades of brown, beige, tan, taupe and certainly fifty shades of grey, to represent the dust of the earth and people who roll around in it.

Grey. The RDF are kind of like the UN or Police, and as such a lot of their value is as a visible deterrent. As such they have light grey colours in a world that is mostly brown and orange, they have big RDF markings on their vehicles in white and don’t use camouflage.  My Junkers buildings are grey also, as I find it easy to weather and make look grimy.

It would appear some of my generic stuff is also grey.

On that subject, exploring the realm of greys, browns and grey-browns is something I’ve become enthusiastic about in the past couple of years. Recently when buying paints I’ve had a way of amassing these colours in numerous subtle variations, even though I sometimes accidentally end up with almost-identical shades from different manufacturers. The main reason for this is that, whereas I used to paint in a fairly naive style when I was younger (using colours -including black – that often didn’t really make sense for the garments/kit/items/components in question), I’ve now come to accept that most figures I paint “ought to” logically, common-sensically have quite a few greys and browns on them. Meanwhile I don’t want to paint disparate things in the exact same colour, but I also don’t want to be mixing new shades all the time, so I’ve begun to amass a large “arsenal” of subtly different grey and brown paints.

In that process I’ve also become enthusiastic about the concept of greys and browns that “hint” toward different primary, secondary or tertiary colours. For example, I’ve begun to realise that a grey that hints toward purple can be a world apart from a grey that hints toward green. For that matter, a grey that hints toward blue-green can appear radically different than a grey that hints toward yellow-green, and both of these can be appreciably different than a grey that hints toward “straight” green.