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Another Wargamer

Zippyfusenet.  Currently, I mainly play skirmish games due to time constraint.  At times I’m absolutely tired of having to think of the colors to use for my dark age warbands — no standard uniform so each figure should be dressed differently.  I just paint using the suggested colors from 1 painting card and I may end up using 5 or 6 different color cards for a single warband.  Sometimes a color card may suggest monochromatic theme others complementary or contrasting.  Most importantly, the color cards are FREE and saves me time.  I’m not a graphics artist either and I’m thankful to be able to dress myself every morning without looking like a Christmas tree.

While at Home Depot, take a look at some other free samples as well in various departments: carpet square (small wheat field or garden patch), flooring (great basing material for special character/hero)…  .  I have taken 2 or 3 free samples and I don’t think Home Depot really cares as they are all free.  Although you might want to keep them away from the Mrs, wouldn’t want to give her the idea of new carpet or flooring…   Good luck and have fun with the hunt.