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“At times I’m absolutely tired of having to think of the colors to use for my dark age warbands — no standard uniform so each figure should be dressed differently. ”

Another Wargamer, of course much of the joy of irregulars is their challenge to our creativity. But, something that’s occurred to me lately is that in small-scale societies with simple tech and little commerce, many people will be similarly dressed, because there’s limited choice of materials. If people wear mainly deer hide, there’s a limited color range for tanned buckskin, with variation for how fresh or worn a piece might be. If the people of Split Beaver Village dye their leggings with black walnut hulls, it’s likely that most of the men wear fashionable washed-out-dark-grey leggings. If a fur trader regularly visits Tall Toad Village, the people there probably wear a lot of blanket cloth with selvage lines and in standard colors.

Following this principle, I’m able to reduce my design effort by developing predominant color schemes for groups of irregulars. This also has the advantage that I can more easily tell the groups apart on the game table.

Everything in moderation. I don’t want to put my warriors in uniform, like one of those Star Trek episodes where everyone on this planet wears a bi-colored leotard, or a metallic cloth robe. Ugh. So there’s still plenty of creativity required. I just don’t have to start from scratch with every figure.

On the other hand…a Dark Ages warband would include many high status individuals who had motive and opportunity to preen themselves in unique and colorful garments. But that peasant clubman and his two sons might all be wearing the same shade of dun wool, because that’s how Mawmaw dyes all her homespun broadcloth.

Not telling you how to paint your toy soldiers, of course. Just sharing some thoughts.

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