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Just Jack

Vicki – Yeah, I just wanted to play a small test game to cement the concepts in the boy’s head.  And mine, I made plenty of mistakes too!

Martin – We’ll definitely get more toys on the table, and in more traditional attack/defend scenarios.  I’m looking at a minimum of two platoons and support for the defender, with three or four platoons plus support for the attacker.  I kind of want all the stuff on table, so not sure about supporting fires, but we’ll definitely be introducing vehicles and anti-tank guns, though no more than two vehicles per fight, and I’m thinking only the attacker gets vehicles (defender gets ATGs), no tank vs tank stuff, the vehicles are there in an infantry support role.

And I will put bends in the roads; those two intersecting corridors didn’t play into this fight, but no doubt could have and will in bigger and better scenarios.

I appreciate you guys taking the time to read and comment, I think the boy and I will get this straightened out, and I’m probably just panicking a bit on too small a sample size.