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As for wattle fences and pens, I did recommend these in another thread, but if you’re going for some sort of “authentic” likeness of the Middle East then maybe wattle and wattle-and-daub don’t really belong. Outside of Europe, these seem to be common construction materials / methods in large parts of Africa (including the Sahel semidesert), but not in the Middle East as far as I can tell. In the Middle East, Central Asia and the desert regions of India, primitive fences and pens seem typically to be made by other means, like in the second-to-last photo I posted above or the first photo of shelldrake’s last post. Or there are no fences at all, but walls of mud brick.

Personally I’d still go for wattle, because it looks good, is fun to model and my ideal swords-and-sorcery arid setting is more of a “rule-of-cool-oriented” bastardisation of the real Middle East. But that’s just me.

On an unrelated note, dome-shaped clay ovens are another thing that would make your village look more “lived-in”. These could be either “private property” located in the courtyards of separate dwellings, or communal and located centrally in some open space. For reference, here are some 25mm ones from Monolith Designs: LINK. I see they’ve also thought of cooking pits and stone troughs, which are good ideas as well.