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Facebook is primarily a social tool for connecting with family and friends. With my first FB account, I got sick of the bs deleted it and manged to ,stay off for about 4 months before family event planning forced me back on. Since then, I have been (relatively) selective in who and what I follow. It seems to work out…


this.  I use two FB accounts – one for family and friends (grief share, keeping up on adult children/grandkids, family activiitiess and keep the politics severely limited in frequency and to facts and be couteous or you’re gone forever, ask my cousin, the flaming end of the world apocalyptic Liberal fanatic,)  while my hobby contacts are active to varying degrees on my “hobby persona” account.  No one gets access to both accounts.

I blog as best I can.

Forums – excessively mixed bag of (ex-TMP) LAF, and TWW experiences none of which are satisfying 100% of the time.  Don’t start me on Yahoo groups because I have misplaced my soap box.

Pictures are cool but ephemeral IMO.  I paint as well as I can and advice is okay but will be politely ignored exactly 100% of the time.  I enjoy others work but have no interest in trying to “be” them.

Like all of life nothing quite meets our social sharing as well as face to face.

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