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Guy Farrish


I’ve found fora, watched the ebb and flow of topics and wondered if I could contribute something and doubted it for quite a time. Sometimes I have gone on to join and contribute. Sometimes I haven’t. I think that is sampling vice lurking.

I have also joined in a fit of enthusiasm for a subject, period, rule set and then realised before posting that actually I’m not sure what I want to ask in a vast subject, or the answer is there in an faq or a comprehensive post, and I may lose enthusiasm quite quickly. Is that lurking?

I have also watched conversations and thought – there are a lot of trolls/trouble makers/people spoiling for a fight here. Can I really be bothered?

Fortunately TWW doesn’t fit any of those and it is a really good place to be. But if people want to lurk a bit before committing themselves, that’s fair enough. I hope that if/when they do join in, like Victoria, they find it a good environment to be part of.