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Just Jack

Yeah, like I said, I was probably just whining.  I don’t want to follow every single troopie, but I want to follow the platoon through the war, and that means guys are going to get promoted and leave, or wounded/killed.  So, particularly wit the leadership positions, other guys are going to have to come up through the ranks to fill those slots, and I want to know their backgrounds, not just have them magically appear n the unit roster.  I want to know that Sgt Schmuckatelli joined the platoon in Guadalcanal and took part in several campaigns as a Private, PFC, and Corporal, before becoming a Sergeant, was wounded twice and received a Bronze Star on Tarawa in Nov ’43.

So I guess I gotta follow everyone…

“As for people being nice, what can I say? Get used to it. ”
I don’t like it, and you can’t make me 😉