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I’d take you up on the challenge, Matt. We could even do it mutually. But how would we play? I WAS up in Montreal this year, but that is not likely to happen again, soon.

By the way, those two imagination names were made up by Jim Dunnigan in The Blitzkried Module System to replace Avalon Hill’s Great Blue and Big Red. My early 1960’s-style imagination armies are based on that game.

Here’s Krasnynorad, based for the Five Core system….

…and here are the bad boys from Azurnereich:

I did them because I wanted to play good old tank battles, withhout ATGMs, and not be beholden to history. <i>Blitzkrieg</i> seemed as good a place as any, given my obsession with the game.

Blue has German WWII and early Allied Cold War kit. Red has Soviets. The neutrals have assorted WWII and early Cold War kit. IIRC, the limit for a weapon system is that it had to be deployed by 1965.

Y’know, we could both do armies and use Five Core to come up with backgrounds for our nations….



We get slapped around, but we have a good time!