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Well, let’s set up some conventions, then.

In the name of making everything cheap, I suggest that we adopt a basing standard of one vehicle/weapon casting per platoon. One of the things we want to show off here is 3mm’s ability to do easy, one-off projects.

Also, I suggest that we set a clear upper limit to the tech. I propose something like I already laid out: if it was fielded before 1965, you can use it. If there’s something special you want that came in a bit after, I’m sure we can work it in. But I’d like to avoid complicated rules for ATGMs, helicopters and the like. Sort of an Old School Avalon Hill style wargame. I’d also suggest we keep air powerout of it, or at least abstract it. Otherwise people will start having to buy planes and AAA.

We could also make it WWII level technology, early or late. I’d just avoid late Cold War stuff. That would be my personal preference, at any rate, although I’d cheerfully accept being voted down if everyone wants to play with modern toys.

We could even do sci-fi, if we want.

I don’t have FFOTs 3. I think I have the second edition lying around here, somewhere. I am much more conversant with the Commander system. We’ll have to decide on a system before we get going so people can build their armies.

I also suggest a 21 USD limit. If the packs are at 3.50 again, that means 6 packs of figs.

What do you guys think?

Finally, I will happily write the campaign chronicles. I’m on Pico Armor’s War College and the two John’s would LOVE a project like this. They might even be willing to pop for a gift certificate for the winner or some such.



We get slapped around, but we have a good time!