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This is one of the reasons I so loved Greg Stafford’s Glorantha Mythos (for Runequest, as well as the Dragon Pass wargame). It had the Lunar Empire fighting Sartar. The Lunars were cosmopolitan and egalitarian. They had a high level of culture and were definitely the best place to live in the world. They were culturally pluralistic and even relatively democratic… for an authoritarian style bronze age empire. Except they fucked around with chaos magic and used beasts from the pits of hell as weapons of mass destruction. You were either for them or against them, as it were. Kind of like the U.S.

Meanwhile, the Sartarites were a bunch of superstitious barbarians who had no problem at all working with mass murderers and terrorists… But they were also the only thing that could stop the Lunar Empire’s march towards word-domination and One Big (chaos driven) Happy.

Most people who play in Glorantha seem to assume that the Sartarites are good guys. But if you read the relatively small amount of stuff published about life after the Gods’ War and the Lunar defeat, the dumb barbarians seemed to have fucked the world up quite comprehensively, causing a new Dark Age than lasts quite a long time.

We get slapped around, but we have a good time!