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Mr. Average

I think that sounds very reasonable, and I am willing to do background fluff, writeups, base labels, etc, as desired. Two of my go-to ImagiNations are the Zaporoskiye Federal Defense Force and the Zaporoskiye People’s Democratic Republic Armed Forces – ZFDF and ZPDR. But you know I can toss these off like anyone and I invite all manner of imaginary setups! Part of the fun!

And please DO let the Johns know – I’ve been buying from them for years now and they are class acts in the extreme!

So, a “scale year” of 1965 is fine by me; we could do 1970 if people want to use ATGMs, which seem pretty well integrated in FFOT. I would really like to try FFOT3 now that I have it, though using different versions doesn’t bother me much, since one is free but the other is quite the opposite. I do recommend it though (an aside to DSG) – well written and pleasant to handle, no doubt. A nice volume to own for its own sake.

For comfortable basing I recommend a standard 1.2mm Litko base size of 5/8″ x 1″ or 3/4″ x 1″, with a 1/4″ wide label on the short edge – as I said I will gladly design labels if desired, unless you think it would ruin the surprise! You know how I do those labels and ToE’s, Thaddeus.  I’ll be buying my bases in bulk and had originally planned to include them in the Challenge just to prove me elan but it would probably be more fair to leave them out.

One casting per unit is a direct 6mm scale analogue, and is what I was planning already.