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Mr. Average

I’m open to leaving all options in, like helos, AA detachments and modeled artillery. With less-than packs you can get smaller numbers of different things. I tend to think a dedicated system like FFOT will make more allowances there, though I do see your point about the upper cost limit not necessarily matching the power of the force. Maybe establishing the setting and relative forces would help – troop quality is a big deal in the system and you might build a force of infantry with a lot of experience – veterans, longtime fighters and/or “Little Green Men” from a hostile neighboring power, versus more heavily equipped but more basically trained regular troops. That would make for an interesting asymmetrical conflict.

Or alternately, each person builds both forces and lets the other person choose the one they want to take – OPFOR swap. Which would give incentive to balance it up a little.

Anyhow, food for thought…