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Alexander Wasberg

The next pair of mechs have been finished:

The pair of them, and a Zephyr infantry unit for scale.

Thanks to Stroezie who showed me this cool mech, this is my interpretation of the MORAV robot. I decided to keep some of the design elements, but I changed up some things, including but not limited to the shape and size of various elements and made a bigger shoulder cannon. Unnamed as of yet, he wears the colors of Zephyr, just in case he is needed in Horizon wars at some point.

Inspired by the Battletech Marauder and some pics I found floating around the internet, this one I’m particularly happy with.

I had a bit of an misadventure with this one, as I managed to drop it. Thanks to my darling wife however, it was soon fixed up again, albeit carring some new battle damage.

More pics as usual, not the blog:http://lasersandbroadswords.blogspot.se/2017/02/another-set-of-giant-stompy-robots-and.html

Thanks for looking!