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Nick the Lemming

<div class=”d4p-bbt-quote-title”>Nick the Lemming wrote:</div>
6mm Baccus French Napoleonics (Waterloo project – just undercoated some) 15mm Blue Moon FIW Native Americans and Civilians (Muskets and Tomahawks) 15mm mostly Corvus Belli HYW English (more knights for my Impetus / Sword and Spear army) 10mm mix of Pendraken and Cracker Line Union Infantry (for Longstreet)

Nick — I’ll be really interested to see how you get on with the Baccus Napoleonics and the 10mm ACW as I’m embarking on those myself. Any chance of some pics as you progress?


Sure! The Baccus French are just undercoated (I’m doing a couple of bases at a time, with about 50-60 figures per base), but I have some ACW done already. There are some Pendraken Zouaves on my blog that I’ve done, and I have a load of cavalry and some artillery ready to be based, with the majority of my infantry in progress but with no pics yet other than a couple of my Zouaves, like this one:


It’s a bit blurry and doesn’t really show the detail, but they’re pretty easy to paint up and look decent enough on the table too. I’ve only done basic basing so far, I want to wait till I get them all finished before I then do them properly so that they all match nicely.