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Rod Robertson

Kyoteblue figures are fine, but having lived in Bristol for a time, angry Welsh women alarm me greatly. Would a Jemima Fawr figure represent an oddly dressed Amazon from 18th Century Wales or a modern-day Air Force reservist with a seriuos lead addiction and an encyclopaedic knowledge of matters military? As to the Kyoteblue Canuck, I looked hard at the posted originals and could not spot him at all. But at one point he did hale from Canadian County so he is welcome into “Club Eh?” anytime. I mean if we let reprobates like myself and that Irish scoundrel War Panda in, we can hardly close the door on a gentleman like Kyoteblue, now can we? I do however draw the line at Oklahoma as we don’t want mad Texans like Just Jack showing us up with their painting productivity and gaming prowess (that and he keeps calling me old!). I may be bald and have white hair now, but I’m young at heart!

Looking forward to the release of these infantry and LAV III’s, Geoff (and Chaz) and once again thank you so much for this. I’m a happy, dancing little piggy again!

Cheers and good gaming.

Rod the Pinko Piggy Robertson.