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Jemima Fawr

Jemima… someone is talking about using these for Danes too. I can add some with G3 and MG3… what else do you have on your lists that would be needed

It’s also occurred to me that what you’re doing here is also good for the Luxembourg contingent, so add that to your list! 🙂

You can pretty much already use the West Germans for the Danes, though they used Carl Gustav and LAW as AT weapons (the West Germans could also use a Carl Gustav – I clip the heads off PzF 44s to make them look a bit CGish).  They didn’t have a light ATGM, but used TOW (again attached to lightweight Landies – a very popular combo with a few nations).

Vehicle-wise, the Centurion Mk 5/2 DK1 would be extremely useful (the main recognition feature being the laser box above the gun).  There was also the M41 DK1 in the late 1980s, which is very different to the normal M41.

Danish militia used a variety of weapons though, including Garands and Brens.

MANPADS such as Redeye and Stinger were also used by Denmark, the Netherlands and others. I’ve been repainting your Soviet SA-7 guy…

Something I’ve mentioned before; we could REALLY use some NATO light flak guns – the single and twin Rh-202 (FK-20 and FK-20-2) were used by dozens of countries, as were the twin Oerlikon 35mm GDF guns and towed Vulcan (the Belgians used towed Vulcan in Mech Bn AA platoons).  The French 20mm Tarasque is also a notable absence from your otherwise complete French range (doubly useful for the French, as they didn’t have MANPADS in service during the 1980s, until Mistral came into service in 1990).  Every option of Soviet flak is available, but nothing for NATO.  Also really useful for Argentines in the Falklands – the Oerlikon and flak guns were heavily engaged at Goose Green.

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