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Jemima Fawr

Yep, rules for GSR. To be playtested and revised, but definitely included.

Thats good, the MSTAR was mentioned/shown in First Clash, so I have made a ground mount version of that which presumably negates hidden units or improves chances to see things in woods (?) Bug while I was at it I’ve added the ZB298 to the YPR 765 and YP 408 as well as a ground mount version.

Fantastic!  I was just about to scratchbuild some ground-mount GSRs, so that’ll save me the job! 🙂

For the Germans, they created the Radarpanzer Kurz 91-2 from the old SPz Kurz 81mm mortar carrier (which you already do) by simply sticking the radar in the mortar ‘ole.  Those stayed in service until about 1984 (the last SPz variants to die), when the Fuchs PARA radar recce vehicle came in.  The British Army also stuck a GSR set on some Spartans of Medium Recce Regiments.

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