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So is it worth adding a few weapons packs to match the West Germans (CG, LAW, Garland and Bren, and then a Redeye and Stinger in both ranges to go with the Blowpipe) to expand them fully into a second generic/multipurpose range?

I can probably add the TOW and MG to the Lightweight LR easily enough, same as we already have with the M131 Ford Mutt range.

The Spartan GSR is the ZB298 I believe, which I am just making on the ground mount and fitting to the YPR and YP.

I have already added the GPMG to the ‘Canadians’ to make them useable as Dutch so the C6 is covered.

Then I suppose I’ll need to look into these AA guns while I’m making the Grizzly, Cougar, LAV III, Patria AMV and various CV90 options…


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