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Jemima Fawr

Perhaps hold fire on the Garand and Bren packs – they certainly had some units still using them, but they might not be sellers!   🙂

The West Germans certainly need a CG, as it was the platoon AT weapon until MILAN came along and plenty of Jaeger, Gebirgsjaeger, Heimatschuetz, etc units were still using them alongside MILAN through the 1980s.

The Belgians were still using RL-83 Blindicide as their section AT weapon throughout the 1980s, which is bloody irritating, as it looks somewhat different with a conical face-shield for the gunner.  If you’re looking further afield, Super Bazookas were still very common among the southern NATO allies and other nations worldwide.

The Germans and Danes need Redeye.

The Dutch and Danes need Stinger.

Plenty of others also used both of the above.

I think that’s probably 99% of ‘Generic NATO’ stuff covered! 🙂

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