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Jemima Fawr

I’m feeling the urge to do the Luxembourgeois… šŸ™‚

If you’re interested, they used FN FAL, FN MAG and Uzi, with Carl Gustav, M72 LAW and TOW mounted on 1/2 -Ton Land Rover Lightweights.Ā  Main troop carrier was the 1-Ton Land Rover 101 Forward Control, with other Land Rover types also making an appearance.Ā  They essentially look the same as ‘generic NATO’ to start with, though they adopted US Woodland Pattern camouflage uniforms in the early 80s, which makes them look a bit special.

Their singleĀ battalion initially had three Rifle Companies and one Support Company (Recce, TOW and Mortars), though they converted one of the Rifle Companies to a second Support Company, so they could split it into two small battlegroups, each of one Rifle Company and one Support Company; one group to 1 (Belgian) Corps in GermanyĀ and one group to ACE Mobile Force (Land)Ā in Norway.

There aren’t many NATO armiesĀ that IĀ could paint in entirety (at 1:3) in a day or two… Save Iceland’s, of course… šŸ™‚

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