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Allen Curtis

Normally Thorfinn’s little jaunt would be dated to 1009-1010, but I was assuming v.2.0 Vikings with oversize Foundry figures (after your time, Jack) and half-nekkid wimmin (Shadowforge, mebbe?).   They’d be a lot more modern, with shiny mail and silicone hooters.

Anyone interested may read the bare-breasted blonde’s exploit in full at Chapter 12 here:


Until someone comes out with Norse figures that look like the grody Icelandic flick Hrafninn flýgur (mysteriously re-titled for the English sub-titled version as Revenge of the Barbarian or Revenge of the Barbarians–it’s actually just one Irishman, but as you know, that’s enough to get people putting up “Keep Out” signs), Allen won’t be a happy camper.

You have to love the wee ponies (Bill, sculpt some) and the odd versions on what can only be described as a seax, I suppose.  Nancy and I used to call this film “Big Slow Knives”.


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