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Hmm, I could be interested in something like this!

I have to admit though that the attraction to 3mm has been platoon basing, as I have all my 6mm single based. But if it were for a challenge, I could be persuaded to join in. I’ll likely try and flog my work to someone afterwards anyway ๐Ÿ˜‰ Might be the kicker to convert me across to 3mm, or squash the urge for 3mm…

I have the FFoT3 rules, and they are fantastic. I fully recommend you pick them up if you play small scale games. My copy is spiral bound, which makes for easy reading when in the middle of a game.

As for setting, I’ve always been drawn to African/Bush Wars as setting for Imagi-nations. Even if set in 70’s – 80’s, it gives plenty of scope for everything from WW2 equipment in use with rebels and government forces, all the way up to modern kit with western peacekeeping forces and mercenary units.