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General Slade

I feel it may be a bit frustrating for the more knowledgeable members to be rehashing the basics (e.g how to paint Austrian white or “what figure is this”) as opposed to discussing the finer details of the truly learned (e.g such as types of bricoles or how long it takes to train a drummer). So i lurk and hope that areas of interest are asked by others from which i can glean information. However, I would like TWW to be a great wargaming resource without the added distractions seen in some other fora – thus the impetus to start asking a few questions. So apologies in advance for any annoying questions that have been asked/answered before. (any advice on how to paint Austrian white well??) Morgan

I really like it when people ask questions – even ones which seem very basic – because that is what gets the conversation started.  I wouldn’t call myself an expert on Napoleonics but I have got a lot of books on the subject and I like having an excuse to go and look stuff up.  I think one of the reasons that TWW isn’t as lively as it might be is that too few questions are asked.

When it comes to painting Austrian white, I find the following technique works very well for 15mm figures.  I undercoat black and then dry brush lightly with white.  I then do all the figure apart from the uniform coat and breeches which I leave to last.  I use a bright, brilliant white on the belts to make them stand out and then finally I block in the coat and breeches using Vallejo Ivory.  When doing this I try to paint up to the edge of the equipment belts but don’t actually touch them.  This leaves a very fine line of the black undercoat showing which helps to make the belts stand out from the uniform coat (it is a bit like the old-fashioned ‘black lining’ technique but the effect is a bit more subtle).  I then finish with varnishing the figure which I finds help to draw everything together.