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Thanks for reviving this thread. I’ve now come to accept that I simply don’t understand structural engineering well enough to be able to improvise my own halfway-believable-looking “girders-and-beams” type structures. For instance, I have no clue as to which shape of beam or column/girder (I, H, T, L, rectangular, etc) is appropriate in which situation. That’s just one example, one of the few that I can define and pin down in words. There are many “unknown unknowns” here that I can’t even chart in my mind.

So, I must either endeavour to attain all that understanding through extensive study, or give up on the “improvise” part and simply replicate existing constructions (whether real-world ones or “fictional” ones in artwork and miniature designed by artists/modellers who themselves have an adequate grasp of structural engineering).

The latter alternative seems far more sensible (and going that route I’d probably pick up some of the underlying theory along the way), only I’m having difficulty finding examples of constructions that are simple and practicable enough to replicate as wargames terrain. I don’t need big, complex structures, I just need something that conveys that archetypal “girders-and-beams” visual impression so as to create a sense of locality on the tabletop, while being discrete and self-contained enough to be a sensible modelling project (that said, it could also be a part of some implied larger construction jutting in from off-table).

Nonetheless, I’d also ideally have it appear like it serves some actual, discernible “in-world” purpose – in other words, not just being there to provide elevated platforms/walkways for sheer gameplay purposes (like a lot of industrial-type terrain pieces I’ve seen for games like Necromunda, Urban War, Infinity and Deadzone, which inadvertently make the tabletop look like a play fort or a paintball / laser tag arena).

Come to think of it, I recall that a few years back in the Dream Pod 9 forums there was an inspirational terrain-builder who made a realistic gantry crane in 12mm scale. Maybe I should look that thread up for a start. I also might have seen some structures like this in John Treadaway’s Hammer’s Slammers galleries.

Anyway, I hope I’ve communicated adequately what my problem is: I’m simply in want of concrete things to copy. If anyone has any suggestions (or better yet tutorials, though I doubt I’d be in that much luck), I’ll take them. Anything suitable for any scale from 6mm to 28mm would be interesting, really. A modern day or “low-tech sci-fi” look is what I’m aiming for.

For that matter, if anyone knows of any existing kits along these lines that have already been produced (maybe laser-cut MDF, or something), please do tip me off about them. Not the plastic Platformer/Hexagon kits, though. They’re precisely what I mean when I speak of terrain pieces that look more like play forts or paintball / laser tag arenas than anything that’s been constructed for functional real-world purposes.