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Ok base Canadian range has gone for moulding, expanded slightly with non-Canadian figures to make them more usable elsewhere… Sounds like these should be good for Canadians, Dutch, Belgians, Luxembourgers, Greeks, Norwegians, Turks, Portuguese, Mexicans and Pakistanis… (you’ll be wanting Indians next)

Make sure you let me know what other weapons packs are required (eg, we need xxx weapon in the generic Canadian/West German range, eg I know i need to add the Carl Gustav to the West Germans) to maximise their usefulness. I’m just doing the Dragon packs in the ‘Canadian’ range to help complete the Dutch.

I am just finishing off:

Done: Leopard 1A5/1V turret, suitable for the Dutch and half of NATO it seems. We already have the 1A1 cast turret and the 1A3 welded turret options. Just adding the sight to make the Canadian C1 correct, then will be modifying the rear storage to make the C2.

YP-408 range:

  • YP-408 PWI-S (we have, but adding weapon shield)
  • YP-408 PWAT with TOW
  • YP-408 PWMT towing MO-120-RT mortar, deployable with crew
  • YP-408 PWRDR with ZB298 battlefield surveillance radar

YP-765 with 25mm KBA-B02 cannon (already available here: http://totalsystemscenic.com/product/mdiv01-ypr765-aifv), usable as:

  • YPR-765 pri IFV
  • YPR-765 prco-B Company Commander

YPR-765 with 0.50 in ACAV type cupola, usable as:

  • YPR-765 pri.50 APC
  • YPR-765 prco-C-4 AA command vehicle
  • YPR-765 prco-C-5 artillery observation
  • YPr-765 prv cargo vehicle

YPR-765 with M26 turret and 0.50 (as fitted to the M114), usable as:

  • YPR-765 prco-C-1 — battalion commander
  • YPR-765 prco-C-2 — battalion fire control centre
  • YPR-765 prco-C-3 — mortar fire control
  • YPR-765 prmr – mortar tow, will be supplied with deployable MO-120-RT 120mm mortar and crew
  • And if you leave the turret off and plate over the hole… YPR-765 prgwt ambulance (I may add a storage box for this option, as it seems to be common)

YPR-765 prat with Emerson M901 hammerhead TOW turret

YPR-765 prrdr with ZXB298 battlefield surveillance radar

These may then also be used for Turkey, Philippines, Chile, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco and UAE… I may have to add the Norwegian Thule TOW turret, which then ends up on the Canadian LAV III (almost finished) and the Norwegian M113 to make the NM142, which ties in nicely with the CV90 range I am just finishing off!

Then I had better get on with the Patria AMV, then those Cougars and Grizzlys.

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