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Tubes and rounds are always good for columns, and I-shaped beams (actually called W Shapes) are always good for columns and beams. Open web joists also make great beams, though I don’t know how steam punky they will look…

Thanks. Open web joists would look very cool (as modern/sci-fi terrain, steampunk excluded) but I don’t have the patience to scratchbuild them and I don’t know if anyone makes them in plasticard or anything like it. Then again, if indeed I use them as joists, I might only have to make one or two of them (the “outermost” ones) as the rest could be out of sight beneath whatever roof they’re holding up. I’ll keep that idea in mind.

On a similar note, truss pillars/columns would be really, really cool, but a nightmare to scatchbuild. Also, I assume that in reality they’re only ever used when they don’t have to hold up anything of substantial weight.

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