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I think the resin alien buildings would work, not much in the way of alien structures out there.

Including the ones with all the beams sticking out of them? You’d know better than I, but my instinct is to avoid casting them with the beams as long as that. Which is a shame, really. Those buildings look awesome.

On another note, there might be something to be said for making buildings that could equally well be interpreted as low-tech or “cultural throwback” ones in a sci-fi world (eg. Dune, Star Wars or Nausicaä) or as belonging in a non-traditional fantasy world (eg. Tékumel).

Stroezie, if you’re still prepared to go ahead with something like this being aware of the up-front outlays, then I am totally with you.

EDIT: Realised seconds after posting, when you (Mike) said the alien buildings would work, you were probably referring to the general aesthetic and commercial attractiveness of them, not to whether they’d be suitable for casting as-is. Sorry 

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