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Okay, here’s another stab at the norms, before I run this by the Johns… 1) Historical limit: up to 1975. That’ll keep us out of high tech, reactive armor and the works. I agree that the ATGM rules in FFoT work simply and seemlessly, so…. 2) No airpower or helicopters. We need people to be able to use the FFoT free rules and we don’t want to force folks into buying AAA and air if we have a six pack limit. 3) Maximum cost for army: 21 USD or six packs, presuming 3.50 a pack. We can allow a one pack extension if the judges (I am thinking the Johns) agree. This can ONLY be used for esthetic purposes. Say you buy a cavalry pack: you have fifteen platoons, but they’d look so much better if you could have another fifteen and double rank them… OK, buy another pack. Or let’s say you’re willing to have them at one casting per base, but you’d like to show them dismounted, too. Yes, you can buy a pack of foot infantry to show that. No, you don’t get “free” infantry to go with your IFVs because they are both seperate units in the FFoT rules. Your transport has to be bought seperately and counts towards your 20 USD limit. 4) You build your army out of the force pool you buy, according to points per scenario. 5) Armies must be reasonably plausible in terms of their organization. They can be weird, as long as you can give us a rationale, but avoid things like buying two packs of M109s and fielding thirty artillery batteries, or an all TOW infantry force. 6) Basing, 5/8 inch by 1 inch. Long for armored vehicles, short for infantry, unarmored vehicle and towed weapons. This way, you can tell at a glance what kind of target it is. Agreed? 7) For scenario points purposes, you can buy one off-board artillery unit of up to four batteries. This doesn’t need to be represented by castings. However, if you want more than this, you need to represent ALL your offboard artilley with castings. So you want a brigade’s worth of BM-21? You need to buy a pack of them. This way, everyone can get some artillery support without having to waste a pack, but if you want a lot of it, you need to buy the castings. 8) Games can be played virtuall, in person, or according to the paint it and mail it off scheme you list above. So what do you think?

I like it!!